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LEAD (female) web-series, “Solidarity Striptease – episode 6”

Category : Web Series Role

Role title: Heavy Shopping


Production type: Web-Series

Production description: Solidarity Striptease’ comically documents different people trying to awkwardly dress or undress in various situations in their bedroom (which will be a cabaret stage, to mimic an actual cabaret striptease).

Character description: A woman wearing sweatpants and a ratty T-Shirt quickly speed walks to the centre of the stage carrying multiple shopping bags in both hands. She struggles to lift the shopping bags to the table and falls over them and they land on the floor. She pulls herself up.  She goes to the table and turns on the kettle and puts a teabag into a cup. She waits for the kettle to boil. She begins to undo her bra without taking her T-Shirt off. She pulls it out with one smooth movement and throws it up into the air.

Role Notes: Able to act with comedic timing. Must be comfortable performing physical comedy.  Must be comfortable with taking off bra.

Age: 25-30 years

Shooting Dates: Late March.  Specific dates TBC.

Pay:  Expenses covered. Additional compensation, experience dependant.

NOTES: Please note that there will be no nudity for this role.

If you would like to apply for this role or want to find out more, please make contact below or email

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    ReplyEmma Walsh March 17, 2017

    Hello! I am an experienced actress, currently represented by iCCAM. I am experienced in all genres and capable of acting for screen and theatre. Please reply and I will send you a headshot and my full Performance CV.