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Lead Male in Comedy Web-Series

Category : Web Series Role

Role title: Lead Male (Simon)


Production type: Web-Series

Role description: Simon joined the Neighbourhood Watch, after he was repetitively rejected from the police force.  His pursuit for neighbourhood justice is driven by a desire to keep the community safe, but mostly to prove his own self-worth. His deep seated insecurity sees him approach his role with an air of over-professionalism and delusions of grandeur. Simon is the leader of the Neighbourhood Watch with severe anxiety his primary tool. His sharp concern for rules and avoiding conflict is a prevailing force in an otherwise unproductive team. Yet, it is this rigid and conservative personality that irritates those around him.

Age: Late 20’s – Early 30’s.

Shooting Dates: August.  Specific dates TBC.

Pay:  Expenses covered. Additional compensation negotiable, experience dependant.

NOTES: This comedy web-series follows a team of three 20-somethings and their pursuit for neighbourhood justice, working as hard as they can to exert whatever authority they don’t have.

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    ReplyJustin Edbrooke March 14, 2017

    Hey team, sounds like a great concept for a web series! I'm keen to know more and have a chat about my experience in comedy :) Hit me up!

  • avatar image
    ReplyDoug Mowbray March 23, 2017

    Hi, my names Doug, I would really like to know more about the project, feel free to contact me and check out my page

  • avatar image
    ReplyAyrton Burridge April 3, 2017

    I would love to be apart of this production.

  • avatar image
    ReplyAdrian Brunato April 7, 2017

    I would love to find out how to audition for this role. E-mail -

  • avatar image
    Replyrussell April 7, 2017

    hello, just wondering if you could give me some more info about this role please?