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Feature Film: Lead Female, 20’s, Asian

Category : Feature Film Role

We are currently casting our latest Database Production “Yoni” and we are looking for a talented lead female to join the team.

Film Synopsis:

When Yoni travels to Australia from her small home town in South Korea to find her missing boyfriend who has been out of contact for months, she discovers that the world is much more cruel that she had anticipated as asks herself just how far will you go for love?

Yoni Character Description:

Yoni is an Asian girl from South Korea. She is between 20 and 25 years old. She grew up in the country side. She adapted during her socialisation all the behaviours and habits of her home community. Yoni has a few friends in the village and fell in love with her boyfriend. Because of her roots she hasn’t been in the city and doesn’t know much about the life in the city, which can be violent and busy. Her character is very shy and innocent.

We are casting for many roles within the film shooting both in Melbourne and Sydney.

To apply contact the production team at with the Subject heading: YONI


The Database Team

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