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Old Woman

Category : Web Series Role

Role title: Old Woman

PRODUCTION TITLE: “Neighbourhood Watch”

Production type: Web-Series

Role description: Speaking role. Everyone knows that annoying old relative who doesn’t know when to quit. This is not her! Nothing phases this old woman. She’s been around and the bend and had her fair share of life experiences. She doesn’t have time to waste or the people to waste it on. You need to get something done, she’s your gal.

Age: 60+

Audition Date: Wednesday 23rd August

Shooting Dates: 30.Oct.17

Pay: $29.08/Hr (in accordance with MEAA rates)

NOTES: Actor is required to drive a car.

If you would like to apply for this role or want to find out more, please make contact below with a link to your Actorbase Profile or email

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    ReplySusan RADCHENKO August 17, 2017

    Interested in this role.