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Dog Owners

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Role title: Dog Owner x 3

PRODUCTION TITLE: “Neighbourhood Watch”

Production type: Web-Series

Role description: Speaking roles. Not gender-specific. These Dog Owners care more about their dogs than they do their children. The dogs are extensions of their personalities and they pride themselves on maintaining their pets in peak physical and mental condition. They will do anything to ensure a dog’s safety.

Age: 30-60

Audition Date: Wednesday 23rd August

Shooting Dates: 25.Oct.17

Pay: $29.08/Hr (in accordance with MEAA rates)

NOTES: Actor is required to have their dog with them on set and within the scene. The dog must be trained and be able to stay seated next to or on owner throughout.

If you would like to apply for this role or want to find out more, please make contact below with a link to your Actorbase Profile or email

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