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LEAD (male) web-series, “Solidarity Striptease – episode 4”

Category : Web Series Role

Role title: Smelly T


Production type: Web-Series

Production description: Solidarity Striptease’ comically documents different people trying to awkwardly dress or undress in various situations in their bedroom (which will be a cabaret stage, to mimic an actual cabaret striptease).

Character description: A man jogs into the centre of the stage, checks his pulse as he jogs on the spot then stands still. He takes a heavy swig from his water bottle. He pulls off his head and wrist sweat bands, followed by his sweaty T-shirt, throwing it on the floor and walking to his laundry basket. He pulls out every T-shirt he has, smells each one and throws them onto the floor. After going through all his T-Shirts, he pauses then looks back to his original T-shirt that he was wearing, smells it and decides to put it back on.

Role Notes: Mild-to-high physical fitness. Must be comfortable with being topless.

Age: 20-45 years

Shooting Dates: Late March.  Specific dates TBC.

Pay:  Expenses covered. Additional compensation, experience dependant.

NOTES: Please note that there will be partial nudity for this role.

If you would like to apply for this role or want to find out more, please make contact below or email

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    ReplyAyrton Burridge April 3, 2017

    I am very interested in taking on this role.